Friday, November 20, 2009

Things I never imagined saying....

X - "Mommy, can we have some carob chips?"
Me - "Sure"
S - "I'll get them; where are they?"
Me - "In the freeze, next to the placenta."

Pity my children, poor poor things. I think they will be scared for life from some of the wacko, hippy things I do. But, they are still eating the carob chips.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogging is hard:

1) with kids who like to eat and drink and pee and have needs that only you can meet;

2) while is hard to type one handed while defending the keyboard against marauding little hands;

3) when you want to be substantive but your brain pretty much works on one or two word sentences like "food good", "one moment", "not now", "must sleep".

4) when you wish you were witty or clever, or even a little bit interesting, but all you can muster up is anecdotes about kids and poop.

Now for the good news, I have the blogging bug back and will be true to my bloggie self and work on this blog as well as the others I have planned.