Monday, August 3, 2009

Menu Monday

L is being amused by S - she is sitting in her Bumbo, which is in an empty laundry basket and he is pushing her around - so I have a minute to post.

Monday - bean and cheese wraps
Tuesday - curried green peas and potatoes over rice
Wednesday - veggie tomato soup
Thursday - sweet mango mahi mahi (for P, X, and C) and mango tofu (for me and S) over couscous
Friday - pirogies with tomato sauce and veggies
Saturday - tacos
Sunday - pulled pork fajitas

I have a crazy, busy week coming up so not sure how much I will be able to post.


  1. pirogies with tomato sauce?!? the only way to eat pirogies is with fried onion and sour cream... i'll give you a pass if you like to dip them in ketchup. :) I love when you post your menus... gives me new ideas for things to try.

  2. I was going for something different. Usually I sautee them in garlic butter and then put sour cream them.