Friday, October 23, 2009

Hawaii....and stuff

P-Daddy has been in Hawaii for about a week now. Things are going better than expected here (which is to say we have all survived intact) but we are looking forward to him coming home on Sunday. Apparently, I will be going back there in 5 years to renew our vows (at the Turtle Bay resort on the North Shore), so yippeee, something to look forward to. The kids have all been feeling crappy and S has missed 3 days of school. I am forcing him to go today so that he can pick up his missed homework (yes, in Kindergarten).

The drybed creek at the park we go to for Homeschool Day was flooded this week and was up to about the kids knees. They all had a great time wading in the water, building a rock bridge with the older kids, and playing with their friends...that is until C tripped and fell into the water. Then, I had to strip them all down and head home. Thank goodness I didn't get pulled over, because three scantily clad children and a perfectly warm and cozy baby may have been tricky to explain. No pictures from the park as the camera is on vacation in paradise.

We have been looking after Otto Doggy while RR, AC, SRC, and LRC are also in Hawaii. We go over three times a day and spend an hour or so with him. Pretty much all he wants to do is cuddle on the couch (which is nice) and the kids are having fun. Granted, I am obsessively vacuuming their house everyday because they have a Dyson and I miss my Dyson so it is like vacuum therapy.

Time to go see if S still has a fever or if I can force him to go to school.

Shout out to Penn State!!! Hi Ellen!!


  1. Vacuum therapy! I think Turtle Bay is the resort featured in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

  2. Geknitics is right, it is the same resort as "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Also they film a lot scenes from "Lost" around the area.

  3. HI JEN!!! I wish you all could have come to Hawaii. Phil and Rohina showed up at my poster with a flyer for a post-doc at SFBR so I might be seeing you soon! I love getting to see what you all are up to on the blog. I spent a couple days on the North Shore (not at that genetic epidemiology conference, just on the beach with a friend who lived there for two years)and it is soooo beautiful. I hope you do get to go with all the kids and take the snorkeling. I saw a sea turtle and it was more exciting than I should probably admit.