Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I am the worst blogger on the planet!

I am a horrible blogger. I can go for weeks without putting up something new, then a flurry of activity. I need to be better, but things have been crazy here for a while. Our camera dies over X-Mas and the quality of the camera phone pics is not so great so I will be putting project 365 on hold for a bit.

Now on to the good part of the post. I am part of an online knitting/crochet community called Ravelry. In Ravelry there are several Swap groups, and one that I am part of is called Monthly Advenutres - so each month there is a theme and a budget and you make something for a partner based on the theme within the budget. This month was called tops and pots so my partner had to send me a top (hat) and a pot (recipe for a one-pot meal). My partner is from Istanbul, Turkey and sent me the greatest package with a hat, a headband, a skein of Turkish wool, some green tea her husband picked up in China, a package of Turkish drink mix, and a peral necklace/ring/earrings fromthe Arabian sea, along with a yummy recipe for yougurt soup. I think she went over the budget.

I feel like a heel because of the craziness of our life right now I will miss the deadline for sending my partner her stuff and I am thinking of breaking the "secret" aspect of the secret swap and emailing her with a big mia culpa.


  1. I so glad you liked the swap package. I am so curious how you'll find the Turkish drink, salep which is traditional here.

  2. Thanks so much for the excellent package! I will be wearing one of my hats today since it is snowing! Enjoy the spring!