Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stupid Dishwasher - The Flood of '09

Morning routine was, well, pretty routine...woke up, nursed L, worked out, drank coffee, made b-fast, packed P-Daddy's lunch, kissed him goodbye and sent him off to work. After he left, I decided to pack the b-fast dishes into the washer and run it, while at the same time doing the sink full of dishes I neglected the night before. All of a sudden, I felt something wet on my feet and thought to myself "wow, I must have splashed alot of water out of the sink", but the rest of me wasn't wet. It took my nursing-brain a good thirty seconds to realize that I had not, in fact, peed myself and was now standing in it it, but rather the dishwasher had overflowed and the entire kitchen floor was filling up with boiling hot which point I also realized my feet were very warm, burning, in fact. So after sending the kids screaming upstairs to grab whatever towels they could grab, and grabbing a set of sheets out of the laundry basket that was still waiting to go upstairs (score one for laziness and procrastination) I got the mess cleaned up and spent the morning emptying, refilling, rerunning, remopping, plunging and finally using copious amounts of vinegar and baking soda before winning the Battle of the Flood, and defeating the evil dishwasher (which is pointless anyways as dishes coming out dirtier than they went in, so I essentially use it just to sanitize).

By this time it was 1pm and we had a late lunch - cheese, crackers and apples for the kiddos and a big bowl of edamame for me. I love edamame. There is something almost zen-like about popping the beans out of the salted little pods. We had a pretty quite afternoon. The kids were part of a preschool homeschool activity bag swap back in February, but I wasn't able to go as I had just given birth 2 days prior. A friend went to get all my bags for me and dropped them off yesterday, so the kids had a grand time looking through them and playing a ring toss game that was included - pretty simple but provided alot of fun - 3 bottles are filled with rice and placed and various distances. Then, 7 rings made out of pipecleaners are tossed onto the bottles.

I still couldn't see any worms in the bin, so I decided, when P-Daddy came home at 5pm, to dump out the compost and sift through the whole gross mess (properly gloved, naturelment) worms dead or alive. Looks like they may have escaped (read:run away) when I moved the bin into full sun next to the garden and it got too hot. Now I need to start all over, but I have done more reading on vermiculture and vermicomposting so I am more prepared to be a worm mom (yes, I anthropomorphize everything so I am taking this abandonment personally - I envision a giant mass of worms stealthily checking out the neighbour's yard and wondering if they have Skittles and pie, much like my human kids do).

P-Daddy suggested to me as I lay in my sobbing, fetal position cradling the composter, that maybe we should go get Pizza at a local place (Double Dave's) that has an outdoor patio with playground, so I can take it easy. It was good, but next time we will go for the buffet, which I found out after I ordered and paid, would have been cheaper because 1 child 5 and under gets to eat free with each paying adult. Oh well, live and learn. Come home, L and I go for our walk, and by time I get home the kids are bathed and ready for bed, so we all sit quietly together until C falls asleep and I decide to take a relaxing bath and read more of my homeschooling catalog (can you guess where my vote on the homeshcool issue is leaning?). Then, off to bed.

I promise more pictures in the blog, but P-Daddy keeps taking the camera - I forgive him because he is just so darn lovable.

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  1. My only real concern here is: DO you have pie and skittles??

    And no fair w/the homeschooling teaser. Just TELL us!