Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, Meat Day

For those of you who don't know I was a very strict vegetarian for 15 years - you know, the kind where I wouldn't eat something if a utensil that had touched meat then touched my food. A few weeks before I had X in 2004 I got my one and only graving (yes, throughout all 4 pregnancies I have only had 1 craving) and it was for prosciutto. So we started adding a little meat back into our diets. Then, it became a crutch - it is alot easier to slap some cold cuts onto a bun than to come up with creative lunches, and it opens up a vast new array of fast food opportunities. I have never really liked the taste or texture of meat (I only ever ate chicken, beef and pork) and still have some issues with the taste of chicken and the texture of beef. I have been moving us back to being vegetarian for health, budgetary and psychological reasons (you try explaining to a very sensitive child that pigs don't make the bacon, they are the bacon and you will understand). So, now we only eat meat on Sundays, and I think I may just forgo it all together again.

We were up alot last night because L was still having a rough time with her allergies. We got up and started our 2-mile Leslie Sansone walk. Yikes I thought the 1-mile was bum-busting but this one really works it. Keep smiling, keep smiling, keep smiling. The boys joined us again but lost interest really quickly when they realized the kicks weren't karate kicks.

For b-fast I make bacon and eggs - fuel for the mega clean-up I had planned for the day. I had a picture of this, but P-Daddy accidentally took the camera to work with him instead of his phone (okay, you caught me, I write these the next morning, so I am actually doing this on Monday). We made the mistake of letting the kids watch television in an effort to keep them out of the way while we cleaned, but it backfired and they got really over-hyped and crazy. I tend to limit the amount of tv they watch - a few shows in the morning which have educational value, then once a week they each get to pick a movie, and maybe a learning video. Got on with the cleaning, made yogurt, made dinner (Filet Mignon with Italian gravy, diced bacon potatoes, and asparagus - filet is the only beef I will eat). Exacerbated the kid craziness by letting them watch The Mask so ended up staying up until 11pm trying to get everyone to sleep...might explain why P-Daddy mistook the camera for his phone.

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  1. OK, seriously, you need to start posting your recipes.