Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sunday's list - a little late

Today was capoeira day so that was the main event. Not much else went down so I am going to do my neglected Sunday List today.

Household Items I Want Because They Would Make My Life Easier:

1) Chest Freezer - any would do. Buying in bulk would be more efficient and I could do bulk cooking. I used to do a week's worth of cooking on Sunday's but I don't have the fridge/freezer space here.
2) Haan Floor Cleaner - I have white floors and white tiles and I can never get them clean enough for my taste.
3) Bissel Little Green - 4 kids, 4 pets - no other explanation needed.
4) Wine Cooler - at least 20 bottle capacity. Okay, my life wouldn't be easier, but P-Daddy would be hugely excited and I would get to drink more wine.
5) Furniture for each of the kids' rooms. I would particularly love bookshelves and toy chest. Right now their mattresses are on the floor and the only bureau to survive the moving van crash is in S's room with everyone's stuff in it.
6) Furniture for the rest of the house. Sure the kids would hate not having the big open room to run around in, but dining room/living room furniture would be nice.
7) one of those converter boxes that lets you watch movies from your computer/Netflix Direct on the television. We could probably get rid of cable then.
8) a much bigger Crock Pot. I have mine running almost every day making meals, yogurt, cottage cheese, paneer, etc.
9) individual school desks for the kids - they just think doing school at desks would be cool. But, I think a dining room table would be more practical.
10) a new dishwasher - how DO my dishes end up dirtier than when they went in. It is a mystery.

Editing - I totally forgot my ultimate wish - a fully equipped Kitchen-Aid mixer with lots of attachments. Ah, the dream.....in blue or yellow.


  1. You should check out freecycle in your area for furniture and stuff.

    And a Roku box is really nice. We dumped our satellite and upped our Internet connection instead, so we can watch movies that way. Plus, you'd have access to lots of educational programs in Netflix's inventory, too.

  2. Yes, a dining room table would be more practical. So, you need dining room furniture with a matching wine rack??

  3. We left our dining room set back in KS and the wine rack was shattered when the moving van flipped. I have a bunch of furniture picked out from Ikea if we ever get $$ from our claim, and I would like to gift Phil with a wine cooler. So I guess I don't NEED it, but the large empty room is being used more and more as a race track for pets and kids.

  4. we got our chest freezer on craigslist for 25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have also seen someone selling a dw on craigslist for $25. it doesn't have a dry cycle though. Might be worth keeping an eye on.
    sorry about the vertigo... hope your feeling better soon. call us if you need anything.