Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a busy weekend...hence the late post, and the short write-up.

P-Daddy went to work on Friday, so the kids and I spent a quiet-ish day going about our business. Saturday was our Big Event Day - AC, RR and SRC held a playdate for some of the co-workers from P-Daddy's work. I headed out early in the morning to get fruit, cheese, and eggs as our contribution to the yummies. We headed over and spent the afternoon and evening have fun and food. The kids crashed hard when we got home, but we will have all their new friends over (and many other people) when we host a "Welcome Babies" party on June 13th for the 4 babies who recently or are about to be born to people at the SFBR (including L).

Sunday we headed to Costco for a small stock up. Of course, the stupid van dies in the parking lot, leaving us all stranded in the heat and humidity. We trekked to the Wal-Mart (which was thankfully close) to buy a new battery, then trekked back. Unfortunately, the bolt that holds the battery in was so rusted we couldn't move it, and had no idea what we were going to do. Luckily, and nice man and his wife stopped with a fully stocked tool cabinet in the back of their truck and took the bolt out for us. Van runs like a charm now. P-Daddy and Spencer went out for their special day (early dinner at McD's) and we rented House Bunny - it was perfect for the end of a busy, sometimes trying, weekend.

Monday P-Daddy headed to work and we headed to the South east side of town to pick up Aloe plants from a fellow AP mom. S was so excited because one of them was a "baby" that he has named Plantie and once it is transplanted into a pot, will take up residence in his room. Seeing as we spent so much time in the parking lot of Costco on Sunday, I wasn't able to go grocery shopping so that is what I did.

Oh, the excitement.

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