Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The rundown

Bullet pointed list to explain my lack of posting:

  1. I rolled my ankle at the park 3 weeks ago. I have a freakishly high tolerance to pain (yeah, I'm the chick who dilated to 9cms without knowing it) so I went two weeks in what I consider "pain" and then tought it would be a good idea to have it checked out in case it is broken. Not broken, but the ligament is ripped off the bone, and will take another 7 weeks to heal, so I am in a brace, am supposed to stay off my feet, not drive too much, and not do any weight bearing (hello ankle, have you met my life...not going to happen).
  2. Miss L. keeps me on my feet (dear L., see drs. orders from above. Oh, you don't care, okay then). Not only does she speed crawl and stand up, but she has started walking while holding on, and recently discovered the ability to climb up the stairs. Also, she will eat anything so must be watched constantly...she even stuck her tongue in an electrical outlet. P-Daddy refers to this as "the infant stage of imminent danger".
  3. we've had alot of birthdays (C, X, and me) and we are planning a big birthday bash on the 12th. Now, I just have to find or make a dragon pinata, and come up with quests.