Thursday, July 23, 2009

L's 5-month stats

So, I finally took L to a doctor to get her vaccinations. She has been extremely healthy and I didn't want to take her to a doctor during the swine flu scare, and then, well, I just haven't done it. So, the kids and I packed up, drove to the docs and she got a check up. She is wonderfully healthy, and had a great time until the shots - at which point she looked at me with the most betrayed look I have ever seen. We came home and she slept for 4 hours, but when she woke up she forgave me.

Her stats:

Height - somewhere between 27 and 28 inches. She kept moving her leg and so we took the only measurement we could get accurately (which was 27inches) but the nurse thinks she may be taller. SO, that is somewhere between the 97th and 100th percentile.

Weight - she weighs about 15lbs 8ozs. That puts her somewhere around the 60th percentile.

So, based on those two measurements, looks like she will have X's body type - tall and thin. S and C are very proportional in height/weight - his height and weight have always been the same percentile and C is always about the same with weight being higher than height.

Her head is 16inches, which puts her in the 20th percentile - I find this funny because the boys always had big heads (with percentiles higher than weight or height). Guess we'll just see how big her head gets.

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