Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Menu Monday

Sorry this is late - we lost Internet, cable and phone last evening for about 4hrs - I think due to the "storm".

Monday - Israeli Couscous with Pesto, almonds, onions and honey goat cheese.
Tuesday - Roasted Veggies with Italian seasoned Barley (I found a bunch of great squashes and peppers at a roadside veggie stand)
Wednesday - Split Pea soup with homemade bread
Thursday - Mexican-inspired Lasagna
Friday - Quinoa, Avocado, cranberry wraps
Saturday - Tacos (veggie crumbles, guacamole, tomatoes, onions, salsa, cheese, sour cream)
Sunday - Spencer's B-Day with a party during the day so if we want to eat dinner after the party is over I will have veggie hotdogs and regular hotdogs - I'm guessing we won't actually be eating dinner.

As you can see there are two carry over meals from last week.


  1. :-( We're missing Spencer's birthday.

  2. ...and it is a Star Wars one too...with pool-noodle light sabers, and I am hoping to make a pinanta and maybe some padawan robes.