Monday, July 20, 2009

Sorry for the absence

Yikes, it has been a long time, eh? The last two weeks have been crazy.

On Saturday the 11th, X went to his first Batizado for capoeira and received his first ranking cord. It was incredible to watch the advanced students and Mestres play, and I was thrilled that X was able to participate. We were also happy for our friends JR and KR who also got cords. P-Daddy wants to take capoeira up so he can do handstands and bounce up and down on one hand.

Sunday was S's birthday and we had a Star Wars-themed party for him with homemade lightsabers (note to self: arming masses of children with weapons results in absurd amounts of chaos), lightsaber decorated cake and tons of fun.

On Tuesday, baby Martyn was born to our friends Jac and Joanna. Can't wait to see him! Then on Friday, baby Charlotte (Charlie) was born to our friends Kris and Brandon. Welcome to both of them. On the same day an old friend of mine (Max from CEGEP) became an uncle for the first time to little Laila (another L name).

Charlotte Young

Also, we found out that S got accepted into Harmony Science Academy - a magnet school in our district that has very strict academics and a concentration on science, math and reading. I was very conflicted because I was looking forward to homeschooling him, but he asked to try it out. He also said that he still wants to be homeschooled and do all the fun things we planned, so our educational journey has gone from homeschooling to afterschooling. I will probably concentrate on things he won't get in school (or only a little of) like history, geography, languages in the earlu grades like Latin and Greek, art and music history, and then just extra practice in literature, math, science, vocabulary, spelling and handwriting.

Thursday, I threw a Tutu party. A bunch of us moms got together and made tutus. It was a hoot and the little ladies got some pretty tutus.

Then Saturday, S and P-Daddy went out for S's birthday treat - lunch, movie and toy shopping. I have been spending my time coming up with business proposal for what I want to do once my stupid cheque from the moving company gets here (anyone else think 5 weeks is a little much to wait for a cheque?)


  1. Those tutus are fabulous! And congratulations to Spencer. Sounds like he'll have lots of fun at school, and even more after. :-)

  2. L and C both look super into their tutus, so cute. I'm excited to hear about your new business plan!