Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 34 - Milk Kefir

Well, I just realized I haven't posted about milk kefir yet. I made a batch today, which reminded me to post about it. If you want to do some research on kefir, I think the best resource is Dom's Kefir Page or various recipes from Cheeseslave.

One of the other lovely things about Kefir is the sense of community you get - if you meet another kefir maker you have an instant bond. You can also bring people into your "community" by sharing your grains with them (hey, I'm Canadian so I am a socialist at heart.)

Step 1 - put grains in clean mason jar
Step 2 - fill jar up with organic whole or raw milk
Step 3 - cover with muslin, cheescloth or coffee filter
Step 4 - let ferment in warm place for 12-48 hours
Step 5 - remove the grains and put the kefir in the fridge
Step 6 - do it all again


  1. It is a fermented milk beverage originally from the Caucasus Mts. It is often compared to drinkable yoghurt, but it is more effervescent. It has wonderful health properties. We like to soak our grains in it (a la Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon) and also to make kefir shakes.