Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 - Anti-rash bath soak

Little L developed some weird rah all over her core today. We have several friends whose children have developed Roseola and I think this may be what she has - she had a fever on Monday, and developed the rash today (Day 4). So, I am making one of my patented (not really) bath soaks. I usually like to put lavender and tea tree oil in the soaks but have run out of my essential oils and refuse to pay grocery store prices for them; the hunt is on for a decently priced, bulk provider of essential oils.

For a rash, I like to grind up oatmeal, baking soda and milk (or powdered milk if you are keeping it or not using it all at once). If you want to add essential oils, go ahead and do that as well. Grind this all up fine in a blender or food processor - leave the liquid milk out if you are using it and add after sieving the rest. I then like to sieve it to get only the fine powder, take it from me, it is a clumpy, gooey mess otherwise.

EDIT: add this fine powder to a warm bath. (sorry I forgot to add this originally)

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