Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9 - Orange Kefir Soda

I have recently begun making Kefir Soda. The kids adore the lemon version, but were not impressed with the cherry or blueberry. Opinions were mixed on the orange - C loved it, I thought it was good, P hated it and X made a face. S wouldn't even try. They are all mad because I refuse to make lemon again until I at least try lime.

I follow the direction on Cheeseslaves blog. I was gifted the grains (both water and milk) by my friend OwlMomma.

I am in a bit of a rush today, but will post pictures soon....not that watching things ferment is exciting to most people, but I think it is nifty.

Okay, I am back with a picture and some comments:

These are the water kefir grains
I let the sugar water ferment for two days and then added the juice from half an orange. Then I let it ferment for two to three more days. I didn't find the orange flvour pronounced enough and thought it was still too sweet. I think I need to let it initially ferment for longer. My friend OwlMomma brought some raspberry kefir soda to the park yesterday and hers was delicious - so much so that L stole my cup, chugged it down and then tried to mooch the rest off of everyone else. I am making some lime kefir soda now, so we will see if that is more to our taste. I think I will also save up and buy some proper soda bottles like OwlMomma has because they do make the soda much fizzier than my mason jar version.

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  1. I think the pictures would be nifty, too! And I am intrigued at orange soda.